Ceremony Coffee Company Update (4 weeks in)

Barnaby Marshall @ 2018-09-04 23:02:50 +1200
Hey All, 
I am sending you an email, because you have been involved in someway in the (short) journey of Ceremony Coffee Company and our mission to try and make the best tasting instant coffee we can. We wanted to give you a little update of where we have got to so far and keep you posted every month or so of our progress along the way. 
So where have we come from and where are we today? 
On Easter weekend 2018, Conn came to visit Bridget and I and our 2 boys down at the family batch in the Coromandel. We got talking about coffee, (as you do on a long weekend) where it comes from and how it was made, Bridget was commenting on how much she loved the ease and speed of instant coffee but how it didn't taste as good as fresh plungers or espresso, but it was a good option mid-morning when looking after two kids!
"Wouldn't it be cool if there was an instant coffee brand made from speciality grade coffee beans that tasted really good?"
It sparked an idea and we started researching. We learned a few things. 
- Instant coffee is made by roasting green beans, grinding, brewing and freeze drying. So when you are pouring water over instant, your are simply rehydrating a flavour that was captured in that process. 
- Almost all of the supermarket coffee in NZ is owned by three international conglomerates. 
- Most instant coffee in the world is made from low grade quality coffee where the farmers earn very little off their crop. And it is mostly roasted and processed in developing nations. 
This sparked some ideas: 
- What if we could use speciality grade beans and a master NZ roaster to roast, grind and brew to perfection the capture that flavour in an freeze dried form? 
- What if we could show the process from start to finish for our customers and show the people behind the entire process of bringing them a cup of coffee? 
- What if we could change the attitude towards instant coffee and help build demand for fair trade beans to be the standard for all instant? 
So we got to work: 
We started speaking to some friends about the FMCG industry, we discussed our brand and proposition, we started our market research, we started the process of producing a product. 

What's next: 
Next steps is for us to outline who could produce our product and how we can make the best tasting instant coffee. We are progressing this over the next few weeks. 
Ask for help: 
If you know anyone who drinks Moconna we would love if you could share this short survey with them to ask for some insights (it takes 2 minutes but would be super helpful for us). https://goo.gl/forms/xHamFOITUdfqPvwp2 We are targeting Moconna drinkers because its the most similarly priced to where we will be positioned. 
We'll keep you posted on our journey as we go! (Unless you don't want us to - please let us know). 
Attached is our short brand summary - so you know where we are headed! (credit to Josh Griggs for the photos). 
... And a photo of us today in the garden at my house (head office). 

Talk soon,