New Ground Coffee Company Update (12 weeks in)

Barnaby Marshall @ 2018-09-04 23:12:22 +1200
Evening All, 

Another 4 weeks into our journey of creating a premium, fair trade, organic freeze dried coffee and we are moving forward in leaps and bounds. For those of you new to our monthly update - we are sending a snapshot of our journey in building our coffee company to our growing tribe of supporters each month. 
So whats happened over the past four weeks? 
  • We received our first samples back from the freeze drier! They tasted great, a clean and beautiful flavour. No hint of bitterness which is fairly standard in a cup of instant. We found out why instant has that particular bitter taste too. Not only do most instants use the lowest cost / quality beans available, they are extracted under extremely high pressure with hot water (like espresso) and often double extracted (to get more out of the bean)! Then they're boiled down with thickeners added. Basically killing any goodness that you could get out of the bean. Our process by contrast is simply roasting high grade beans, grinding, slow brewing with filtered water, and then freeze drying. What goes in, comes out. A dehydrated cup of perfectly brewed coffee. 
  • We have decided upon a name! New Ground Coffee. 
  • We have developed the branding concepts, thanks to Charlotte McCrae. She's been doing an amazing job and we're really excited about how the brand is going to come together when we unveil. Here is a link to some of the early brand concepts.
  • We have a good idea of how the manufacturing process is going to work and how we are going to manufacture here in NZ.
  • We have had some great conversations with potential sales agencies that we may partner with in the future to be our sales and distribution to grocery. 
The one thing that hasn't progressed as fast as we would have liked over the past 4 weeks is getting our blend and flavour just right for our market. So this is what we are doubling down on this week - we are going to host a blind coffee tasting this Saturday 7th of July at 10am. Location TBC. If you are interested in coming along let us know and we will send you the invite! 
Whats next: 
  • Develop the blend and roast profile and test with customers.
  • Develop freeze dried sample packs and start getting them to our friends / potential customers. 
  • Keep talking to people about the grocery business.
  • Progress with brand development.  
Keeping you in the loop from New Ground HQ aka my house. 
Have a great week! 
Barns and Conn. 
P.S. We went on a fun "inspiration" trip to Great Barrier a couple weeks back. A few photos attached and a few snaps of some of our recent brew processing.