X-Name Coffee Company Update (8 weeks in)

Barnaby Marshall @ 2018-09-04 23:07:53 +1200
Evening All, 
So another 4 weeks has passed since we made our first update, and lots of things have happened! For those of you new to our monthly update - we are sending a snapshot of our journey in building our coffee company to our wee tribe of supporters each month. 
So what's happened? 
  • Well, we are excited to have made our first samples in NZ (which we are receiving on Monday) by batch brewing some Kokako coffee. We needed to make it much stronger than you would normally brew coffee to ensure we maximise our yield and flavour from the freeze dry process. Taste results will be on the next update. 
  • We have spent many nights over the past few weeks looking into the options of manufacturing with a factory that already produces freeze dried coffee in large quantities. We found factories in Istanbul, Vietnam and Brazil. The challenges we have had with those is that most of them are not up for changing their roasting or brewing process, and are not that keen on us sourcing our own beans...
  • So, we spent more time validating the cost of manufacturing in NZ to get going. So far this seems to be a great option - which is exciting (it will be great to have an NZ made product). 
  • We also have decided that we can't use Ceremony Coffee Company (hence the X-Name in the subject line), as there is a roaster in the US called Ceremony Coffee Roasters and they hold the trademark in the US in the class that we need. So we need a new name - all ideas welcome!
  • I went to a Sustainability talk a week or so ago, put on by Massey University. They spoke about the UN Sustainability Development Goals and how many businesses are adopting some of the SDG's as a core part of their operating goals and reporting on them. We want to adopt 1 or 2 of these SDG's into our business an ensure that as we grow, we also do good. (watch this space). 
  • Right now we are zinging. We have been drinking coffees from around the world this afternoon (and all day yesterday) to decide which origins we will use. 
Next steps: 
  • This week we are deciding upon our coffee origins, working on product development and doing tastings with consumers. 
  • We are beginning work on our brand and packaging designs. 
  • We need to finalise a name. 
  • And also work out our full manufacturing process to run our first cycle in NZ. 
Here is a cool podcast we listened to the other day about the most expensive cup of coffee in the world and how it was made in Yemen, pretty inspiring story about how it travelled. 
Special thanks to all those who have helped out with their time and insights over the past few weeks. 
Barnaby and Connor.