Contract manufacturing and product innovation for the worlds best coffee roasters.

coffee for the new-world

We’re a boutique contract
facility based
in Auckland, New Zealand.

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A coffee innovation company combining specialty coffee, unique extraction technology and new-world convenience.

newground came to be, searching for a sustainable way to extend the shelf-life of freshly roasted coffee. We wanted an exceptional product and an effortless manufacturing experience.

We needed impeccable quality control, ensuring that every product we made resembled what was first cupped. We wanted flexibility too, enabling us to develop new ideas and change things up at the turn of a dial. 

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Developed over 2 years of rigorous research and development, the NGT Process is our proprietary high-brix, hot-water extraction system. It captures all of the brightness and fine aromatics of freshly brewed coffee in a shelf-stable liquid extract, ready for use in multiple applications.

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Our brewing method is a tested recipe of time, temperature, water, dose and pressure. The NGT process yields a high-brix extract providing us flexibility in producing a variety of products with varying strengths and flavor profiles.

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Why hot brew? Coffee is comprised of three main flavour compounds: acids, sugars and bitters. These compounds dissolve at different rates based on the temperature of the water used to brew. Our hot brewing method extracts these compounds at the optimum rate and preserves a higher amount of the natural sweetness and bright floral flavours, keeping the aromatics intact in the cup.

The production timeline from bean to beverage is 6-12 weeks.

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  • 1 Sampling We extract your selected beans, produce samples. You cup the samples and sign it off.
  • 2 Packaging Concurrently to sampling, we begin work on packaging design and approvals.
  • 3 Production Order is contracted, the coffee is shipped to us and production begins.
  • 4 Delivery Your order is shipped to you, ready for retail.

why preserve?

Specialty coffee is on a growth trajectory and craft beverages around the world are exploding. With 50% of consumers willing to spend more on convenience products.

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Making great coffee can be difficult to get right. Capturing the delicate aromas and flavors requires a meticulous process, one that takes patience and practice.

Our extract is 100% natural, shelf-stable and has no additives.

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For the roaster preserving extends the shelf-life of a traditional fresh product, develops further the product offering and opens up the opportunity for new customers through new distribution channels.

For the consumer it gives access to specialty coffee at any convenience.


We offer a range of custom branded and packaged products. From green bean to retail frontline, we're here to enable you with convenience coffee for the new world.

Have an idea for something new and interesting? Let's talk.

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The next generation of at home and on-the-move coffee is instant. We see Specialty Instant as a addition to daily drinking, served with time to spare.

Consumers are experiencing busier lifestyles and are favoring ease and convenience in consumption habits, particularly when it doesn’t mean a sacrifice in quality.

Single-serve 3.5g sachets / 7 pack box. Shelf stable for up to 12 months.

We can also supply bulk instant coffee which can be packaged by the roaster.

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Our Black Canned Coffee delivers a true representation of the bean. The challenging task of offering a shelf stable RTD product is now available using the NGT process.

A low sugar alternative to energy drinks and a premium alternative to the 'mass market' canned coffee products currently available in the market.

220ml cans / 4 pack box. Shelf stable for up to 6 months.

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Our liquid extracts are made using the NGT extraction process, just as our specialty instant and ready to drink products. This is high quality extract in its natural form.

We are able to supply liquid extract between 5% and 20% brix. This can be used in a range of food and beverage applications.

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